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raise healthy children! make separation easier raise happy children!

Happy X enables separated parents to communicate, create a shared calendar and keep control over shared expenses surrounding their children.

We help you make your co-parenting experience as smooth as possible

Separation is a tough time for any couple


Keep miscommunication to a minimum using our built-in messaging interface. As co-parents, you can now have all communication about your children in one place.


Both parents have the ability to add, categorize and monitor expenses. Notes, images, and receipts can be added to each entry for better record-keeping and transparency.

Pay with Swish

Payment made easy, Pay back your partner, or transfer money directly in the app via our Swish integration

Create groups

Parents are able to create multiple family groups and invite children. Larger family group can be created, new partners and grandparents can join in!


The calendar can be used to log common activities so responsibility can be shared fairly between parents. Unpleasant discussions about who dropped off at last weeks swimming practice is no longer an issue.

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“We know that every family is different and that they can change over time. Happy X is designed to make it easier to manage lives. Even when plans change.”


Three years ago, Stefan started Happy X

At the time he was a newly separated father of two, looking for a way to balance his busy family schedule and create harmony for himself and his daughters.

He collected his first-hand experience and created the first version of Happy X.

An application that would make it easy, simple and fun for families to balance their already busy lives, not just for Stefan’s family, but for families everywhere.

Happy X is making sure that all the moving pieces fit together at the end of the day

Available for both iPhone and Android

Our Team

we've been there too

Stefan Bondesson

founder and sales manager

Stefan has a broad and long experience of sales and marketing, with a great drive to be involved in influencing a company’s sales and marketing strategies.

Helen Holgersson

CEO and C0-owner

Helen has experience of working within companies that are undergoing organisational changes and expansion.

Her experiences have sharpened her ability to work closely with her customers but still remain alert and aware of how the market reacts.

Redmind Studio


Redmind is a Venture Studio that consists of talented and experienced entrepreneurs and consultants that help and fund companies.

Redmind is responsible trough its Talent Accelerator program for the product development at Happy X.

Pontus Kopparberg


Pontus has extensive experience as a leader in companies of various sizes and from different industries.

Most recently as CEO of one of the largest real estate firms in Stockholm

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Available for both iPhone and Android

What users think of us

other co-parents thoughts

" The calendar has helped me and my partner determine which one of us gets the kids during the holidays, special occasions or whenever."
Noa Gustafsson
" I discovered this with their Gofundme campaign, this app is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It makes communicating with my ex so much easier! ”
Tara Norberg
" My partner earn more than me, the splitting expense function brought more equality and transparency to our separation "
Anna Johnsson